Bayside Pavers

"It all began as a pipe dream 12 years ago, and it has blossomed into a successful reality. Luiz's inspiration to start his own company came from watching his mother work hard and develop trusting relationships with her friends when he was a young boy. This is how Luiz got his start in business. The ideas he was taught as a youngster, such as honesty, trust, and hard work, provided him the inspiration he needed to start a company on those principles. Bayside Pavers has been in business for more than a decade and is renowned as an Outdoors Contractors Specialists. Luiz approaches every project with the same attitude and goals. No matter how big or little the job is, he aims to accomplish the same things. The primary aim is ""to be hands-on and in control of each job site."" This ensures that the client receives what he wants. To do for customers what you would want done for yourself."

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