Salopek & Associates Ltd. - Human Resources Consul

Why Choose Salopek & Associates Salopek & Associates is an award-winning team of business and human resource consultants specializing in strategy, human resources and board governance. We are a diverse team who are passionate about the work we do and how we do it. We are not your “typical HR” and consider ourselves trailblazers who break down old paradigms to find solutions that fit for you. Salopek strongly believes that one size does not fit all! Our approach is to customize best and emerging practices to find the right solutions that works for your organization. Your business is unique and so are the HR solutions that mold and shape your culture. The Salopek Advantage: Why Choose Salopek? A Reputation we live by: 16+ years of award-winning service; tried, tested, true- Salopek & Associates is proud of the reputation that we have built as one of the top HR consulting companies in Canada. Over the years our clients have been known to take calculated risks that pay off, but not when it comes to their people. They want a trusted HR business partner with a proven track record for providing quality work and expert advice whenever needed. Salopek serves hundreds of clients across Canada in various industries, with HR Consultants in Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto, and Inner-BC. We are available to help you attract, retain and develop the right people and to put effective processes in place that will grow your business.

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